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About Regal Stone Lab

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Regal Stone Lab provides you the best Kitchen and Bathroom remodelling Services. We are committed to provide customers with quality work at a fair price. Regal Stone lab continues to uphold the values our business with Integrity, hard work and a firm commitment to our customers. Regal Stone Lab designs work for both residential and commercial clients. We will be your one stop shop in order to meet the needs of your project. If you are in search of the best countertops in United States (USA), there is no better option than Regal Stone Lab designs.

Regal Projects

Giving some special consideration to lighting counters, as this is the foremost task area in kitchens,bath. Where eventually locate the sink in front of a window for good use of taglighting. Determine luminaires near the areas of greatest use and on both sides of the primary work areas to command glare. Install downlights over the counter 1 to 2 feet from the wall, but avoid locating them over the upper wall cabinets. To minimize dust, avoid locating the lamp behind the clients using the counter. Use under heavyweight cabniet to avoid dust under overhead cabinets.

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The most critical steps in design process is kitchen renovetion.There are some factors to be consider, such as color, floor plan product selection and appliance location. By working with a professional designer, we can simplyfy and streamline the process for kitchen design.

To be used independently by mobility impaired people use like bedroom and bathrooms need not be particularly large, but must be carefully designed. Attention must be given to what type of Sleeping and bathing fixture is preferred by the potential user: a bed, a lamp, a pillow a tub, a transfer shower, or a roll-in shower which gives comfort to pepole the most. Careful designing must be done to provide clear floor space at each fixture so someone with a mobility aid can approach, maneuver close to, and use all fixtures. Faucets and controls, as well as grab bar size and position must be considered.

bathroom countertops design in nj

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Regal Stone designs is dedicated to offer the most extensive selection of quality stone, custom works and cabinetry. With our quick turnaround you can be assured you will receive the high level of quality material be use and the level of service for your kitchen, bathroom etc.

Our Mission

From Regal Stone lab designs natural stones to durable quartz, and solid surface to the laminate and remanfacture products, bathroom Countertops has the perfect redesign option for your home. Most importantly, Regal stone dream is to help you select the ideal surface for your needs.

Our Values

Regal Stone designs by owning production processes, keeping prices competitive, and concentrating on providing customer care, we have maintained recognition as supplier of beautiful, high quality countertops in our region. The concept behind our Values is to work with each individual client